Frequently Asked Questions

What are you funding right now?
See How to Apply for upcoming application deadlines in all the disciplines we fund and details on our seven-year grant cycle.

What kinds of work/artist does Creative Capital support?
Creative Capital funds artist projects in all discipline. No matter what genre or discipline, the most competitive projects take risks and articulate an original vision. For general information about our awards and to download our full Award Guidelines, see Our Award Program. You can learn about previously funded projects in our Artist Projects showcase. Please note that we are actively interested in many kinds of projects that may or may not be represented there.

What kind of projects does Creative Capital NOT support?
This is not an ideal award for artists just beginning their creative practice, thus our requirement for five years experience in your field. In addition, we do not fund documentation or cataloguing of past work, nor do we fund projects whose main purpose is promotional or educational.

How does Creative Capital find the work it supports?
Creative Capital identifies prospective applicants in three main ways:

• Open call for Letters of Inquiry
• Recommendations by artists and arts professionals
• Active solicitation by the Creative Capital staff

All submissions are reviewed using the same evaluation process. See Selection Process for more details. 

Who is eligible for a Creative Capital award?
An artist must be:

• A U.S. Citizen, permanent legal resident, or an O-1 Visa holder
• At least 25 years old
• A working artist with at least five years of professional experience

An artist cannot be:

• An institution (If you are an artist who is a principal in a 501(c)(3) organization, you should apply as an individual artist. If you are selected for funding, the award may be made payable to you through your organization.)
• A full-time student in a degree-granting program or its equivalent
• A current employee, consultant, board member or major funder of Creative Capital, or an immediate family member of such a person
• An active or alumni artist of Creative Capital
• An applicant or collaborator on more than one proposed project

Does Creative Capital fund collaborative projects?
We accept proposals for collaborative projects and work by collectives. Please choose one collaborator or collective member to serve as the main contact for the project. Each collaborative team may have up to five members in total and each of their names, roles and bios should be included in the project proposal. Each and all collaborators must meet the above eligibility requirements. Creative Capital defines “collaborator” or “collective member” as someone who is
considered to be a co-owner of the project and generative part of the team, not someone who provides services on a “work for hire” basis. Please note that each artist/collaborator can apply with only one project in any single award year.

Collaborative projects fall within one of two categories:

Ongoing Team or Collective Collaborations: Two to five people who have an established history of collaboration, sometimes organized under a group name, all of whom are committed to the completion of the proposed project.
One-Time Collaborations: A working arrangement between two to five people who have agreed to stay in partnership while completing the proposed project.

Please note that one-time collaborators will need to make a very strong case regarding their commitment to work together for the entire three- to seven-year
length of the award in order to be competitive. If granted an award, all parties in the collaboration will be required to sign a letter of agreement stating their intention to finish the project together.

Requirements for submission are the same for either type of collaboration.

How many awards does Creative Capital make in each funding year, and in what amounts?
In each of our funding years, Creative Capital will support approximately 46 projects at initial levels of $10,000 each. Including follow-up monetary support, a project may receive as much as $50,000 in direct financial support during the life cycle of the award, with the average amount closer to $35,000. This is in addition to advisory and professional services with an average value of $45,000, bringing the potential support per project up to $95,000.

How may artists benefit from your application process even if they don’t get an award?
We have attempted to design a system that serves artists at every step.

• The questions on the inquiry form and application are tailored to be artist-centered.
• At least two arts professionals learn about your work at each stage, and for those proposals advanced to the panel stage, eight to ten arts professionals will have been exposed to your work by the end of the process.
• For those artists who advance to the application phase of our process, we are developing a new initiative that will share artist and project information in a searchable database open to others in the field—curators, programmers, artists, potential resource providers—who may want to support the work. This information will be shared only with the applicants’ permission.
• Upon request, we offer a summary of the panel discussion regarding the proposed project to artists who make it to the panel stage but do not ultimately receive an award.

Does Creative Capital offer scholarships?
No. We only offer project grants to artists through an open application process. See Our Award Program for more info.

Do you provide emergency funding for artists?
We are unable to provide emergency funding for disaster relief of finishing funds. However, other organizations do. See our blog for a list of resources; the Brooklyn Arts Council also maintains a helpful directory of emergency resources for artists.

Can you help support my Kickstarter campaign or include it on your curated Kickstarter page?
Because we have now funded over 500 artists in our thirteen years of grantmaking, we have a policy to only include projects by Creative Capital grantees on our curated Kickstarter page. However, you should feel free to share your campaign on our Facebook page.

Still have questions?
Contact our Artist Services department at awards [at] creative-capital [dot] org.