Our Selection Process

How do we find the work we support?

Creative Capital has an open application process, and we actively solicit new applicants. We also work with arts professionals in different parts of the country who suggest artists and artist organizations in their geographic region for us to notify about the grant deadline.

How we find the work we support


How do we select our grantees?

Our selection process for awarding grants has three phases: inquiry, application and panel review. 

Our Selection Process


What is our evaluation criteria?

Submissions are evaluated on the artistic strength, feasibility and potential impact of the proposed project, as well as the professional capacity of the applicant and the likelihood that the artist would benefit from Creative Capital’s support.

Our evaluation criteria

Who is on our selection committees?

Selection CommitteeCreative Capital recruits more than 100 arts professionals from across the country to review the submissions. Readers review and score letters of inquiry to determine which artists will be invited to submit a full application. Evaluators review and rank the applications and decide which of those artists will advance to the panel round. Panelists review the finalists as a group and vote on which projects will be recommended to the board of directors to receive Creative Capital grants. For lists of previous selection committees, visit Past Grant Rounds.