Tanya Aguiñiga

Emerging Fields, 2016

“If Beatrice Wood was the Mama of Dada, then Tanya Aguiñiga surely qualifies as the patron saint of the Los Angeles modern craft movement.” (Lisa Boone, LA Times)

Tanya Aguiñiga’s work lives at the intersection of art, craft and design. She was initially drawn to craft as a medium because of function—having grown up in an environment (Tijuana, Mexico) where all was put to use. This led to her BA and MFA in Furniture Design. While studying woodworking as an undergraduate, she was introduced to jewelry/metalsmithing, ceramics, and textile disciplines, culminating in further investigations of craft disciplines and their larger connections to culture, tradition, material, function and community. As a Mexican-American, woman, mother and craftsperson, she has not taken success or opportunity lightly. Adversity catalyzed and shaped her art career and now serves as an example for younger generations that she mentors and helps to educate.