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Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, "How Creative Capital Supports Artists"

June 27, 2014

Creative Capital was the subject of a feature article by Michael Ventre in the Summer 2014 issue of Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. See below for a short excerpt and click here to read the full article online.

... Creative Capital supports artists by using venture-capital principles. Each year it sorts through applications from creative types in a wide variety of art disciplines and hands out grants of up to $50,000 in direct funding. But it doesn’t cut ties as soon as the check clears. Instead, Creative Capital provides development services and support, working with artists over a period of months—even years—to ensure that they can attain their visions.

“We’re interested in helping people build sustainable careers,” notes Ruby Lerner, president and executive director of Creative Capital, which was born in 1999. “We want people to be comfortable doing PR, marketing, fundraising, and talking about their work. We do hands-on training around those issues.” ...

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