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The Stranger, How Creative Capital Replaced the NEA and Taught Artists to Be Ambitious

March 30, 2016

Creative Capital was the subject of a feature article by Jen Graves in The Stranger Magazine. See below for a short excerpt and click here to read the full article online.

Last week, in an attempt to contact the Bellingham artist Christian Vargas about winning a 2016 Creative Capital Award, I googled him, left a congratulatory voice mail, and shortly got a phone call back.

"I'm not the right Christian Vargas," said this Christian Vargas. "I wish I was!... That award—it's life-changing, from what I hear." This Vargas #2 happens to also be an artist. Along with the rest of his graduate school class in Tennessee, he's all but got the Creative Capital application pulled up in his browser waiting for the day after he graduates.

Creative Capital is such a big deal in the world of art that it even affects the lives of artists who don't get it.

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