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FORYOURART, "This Week in Art"

July 31, 2008

By Bettina Korek Last week we had the honor of participating in Creative Capital's annual retreat, where a belief in the power of art to spark dialogue, shift perspectives and even to change the world connected this instant community of artists, curators, museum officials and cultural professionals. Each artist had the opportunity to present their project, which veteran consultants noted were more political than the last time. The artists addressed issues ranging from 9/11, terrorism, connectedness, climate change, success and suicide. It was infinitely inspiring to be among a group of people who were bound together by their passionate investment in doing good by doing art and a welcome reminder as to what it means to be "ForYourArt". One artist raised the question–how many times a day do we encounter something that we don't recognize? That reminded me of Shepard Fairey's OBEY campaign, where he tagged his "giant" in cities all over the world, creating a community linked by visual culture and seeking to create a sense of surprise in the daily landscape. Or Women in the City, Emi Fontana's ambitious project, that brought Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays to over 200 locations around Los Angeles. History happens on the ground. At FYA, we are striving to create a medium where audiences can access philanthropy and, maybe more importantly, to create a platform where artists can challenge accepted notions of reality. As Mike Kelley says in a soon to be released FYA video "Art is important because it changes people's consciousness. And changing people's consciousness changes the world."

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