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We work with partner organizations across the country to provide professional development opportunities to artists. If your organization serves professional artists who are interested in advancing their careers, we will work with you and your staff to select and present a workshop that will best suit the needs of your artists. 

How to Bring a Workshop to Your Community:

1. Determine the Content and Format 
Review our workshop offerings to get an idea of our curriculum, then contact us. Our Workshop Manager will help you choose the ideal workshop, taking into account your artists’ needs and your organization’s budget.

2. Select A Date
Once the content and format decisions are made, we will work with you to select a date for the workshop. PDP workshops usually happen on the weekend, when more artists are free. To be sure you get your preferred date, its best to schedule 6-12 months in advance. 

3. Organize Your Resources
You will want to line up your staff and other resources as soon as possible. Choose a dedicated point person from your staff and we will walk them through the requirements of your specific workshop, step by step. For example, finding the appropriate space is key—whether it's your own, borrowed or rented. You'll also need caterers and hotels.

4. Select A Group of Artists 
You are ultimately responsible for participant selection, but we are always available to provide advice and support. For some organizations, participants are a pre-selected group of grantees or fellows, while others ask interested artists to submit an application. Whatever the process, it is important to select a diverse and passionate group of artists who are committed to achieving new heights in their careers. Download our Recruitment Guide for more information. 

5. Apply for Funds (Optional)
We are happy to offer guidance if you are concerned about being able to afford a workshop. Typically organizations that lack sufficient resources in their program budgets turn to local or regional funders for help or charge artists' participation fees.

Read about our Presenting Partners.


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