Artist Projects

Sea of Common Catastrophe

Jeff Becker

Jeff Becker, working with video artist Courtney Egan and choreographer Jeffrey Gunshol, leads the ArtSpot ensemble in the creation of Sea of Common Catastrophe, a multi–disciplinary performance that explores resiliency and complicity in the face of rapid urban change.  Sea follows the journey of three companions as they wade through a continually changing landscape of upscaled living and chic restaurants built upon fragments of their past. Becker’s design and direction, Egan’s magical video projections, Gunshol’s liquid choreography, and ArtSpot Productions’s physical performance and original music create an immersive theatrical experience informed by stories from communities moving through social, economic and cultural change.

Project Updates

  • May, 2016: Jeff Becker showed “Sea of Common Catastrophe” as a work-in-progress with ArtSpot Productions