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The Art of Luv

Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble

The Art of Luv is a multi-part series of performance-rituals addressing the mythologies behind popular codes of romantic conduct. Plumbing popular media to deconstruct the romantic comedy genre and other contemporary romantic mythologies, ROKE will isolate, unpack and rearrange these conventions to create an exhaustive body of work, a “Lexicon of Love.” These works will be created in a storefront studio that serves as a porous creative public space for research, performance, ritual and community events. Planned performances include: Elliot—a group meditation addressing masculinity, insecurity and longing; Starbucks Infinity—the group passes from Starbucks to Starbucks and revisits pivotal moments in romantic comedies; and Two Love Stories for America—a mash-up of You’ve Got Mail and The Starr Report.

  • Artists

    Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble

    Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble (ROKE), the creative partnership of artists Tei Blow and Sean McElroy, is a musical priesthood that explores the metaph…


    Tei Blow

    Tei Blow is a performer and media designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Japan and raised in the United States, Blow’s work incorporates photo…


    Sean McElroy

    Sean McElroy holds a degree in Classics from Brown University and a degree in Painting from the University of Washington. He uses sculpture, installa…


  • Events

    Jun 07 – Jun 30, 2018
    Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble Premiere Their Creative Capital Project

    May 24 – Jun 10, 2017
    Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble Present "The Art of Luv (Part 5)"

    Sep 08 – Sep 18, 2016
    Time-Based Art Festival at PICA

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  • Project News

    April 15, 2015
    Project Premiere: Emily Johnson's SHORE in Lenapehoking (New York City)

    April 7, 2015
    Project Premiere: Kerry Tribe Solo Exhibition "The Loste Note" at 356 Mission in Los Angeles

    March 19, 2015
    Project Premiere: Carlos Motta Launches Web-Based Project "Gender Talents"

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